Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Raphaela knows Murphy's Law, as it specifically applies to the rain IE if you take your umbrella outside the house, it will not rain upon you.  I learned that the hard way, when it poured on top of me for five minutes as I walked out of the supermarket this week, cart fully loaded, no umbrella in my hand.

This morning we left the house for school, holding recyclables and lunch box and back pack and pocket book and her art portfolio, and we forgot the umbrella.  About half way through, I realized our fatal error and Raphaela insisted that we go back home.

Instead, I suggested that we trick the looming rain clouds and tell them that the portfolio was actually hiding our umbrella.  What ensued was a little play in which we bluffed the grey skies, Raphaela felt very proud of herself when we got to school safe, and dry.

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