Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Next Step for my Favorite Foodie

This morning I was running late, and I pushed both myself and Raphaela out of the house;  I don't like being late anywhere, and certainly I want Raphaela to arrive in a timely way to school.

About half way through our walk, I remembered that I had set aside part of Raphaela's lunch on the counter, and that I had not put it in her lunch box.  Turns out, my daughter took care of it all by herself.

I told Raphaela how proud I felt that she was taking responsibility, how amazed I was at how much she had grown and how aware she had become of her surroundings.  "At this rate", I exclaimed, "you will be making your own lunches every morning."

Raphaela smiled broadly and straightened her back, so pleased to be offered a 'Mommy job' and truly feeling her grown-up First Grade-ness.  "Amazing," she mused. "I will get to decide what kind of lunch I eat, if it's dairy or meat, if it needs to be heated up or not."

I could already hear her menu planning in her head.

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