Thursday, June 4, 2015

Light Festival 2015

Last year, I hired a sitter to watch Raphaela while I attended the Light Festival in the Old City of Jerusalem.  I regretted not taking her with me, because there were so many activities geared toward children, in addition to the performances and the beautiful displays.

This year I decided that despite it being a school night, and though I was not sure if Raphaela could handle the late night trip, we journeyed to the Old City.   As we get closer to the Summer vacation and further away from Kindergarten, an exception here and there of staying up late seems harmless enough.   I brought an entire picnic just in case my daughter needed to refuel.

Raphaela ended up surprising me, walking around for almost three hours with no complaints of fatigue or sore legs.  There was something magical, very Alice in Wonderland, with all four quarters (Arab, Christian, Jewish, Armenian) lit up and decorated, and with pockets of live music in almost every corner.  I told her that because she had dealt so well with this outing, I would schedule the late-night safari at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo for later during the Summer.

Raphaela is growing up so fast.

Ironically, the most spectacular vision of the night was wholly natural, and put the rest of the man-made exhibits to shame:  an astounding moon-rise over Jerusalem,  a full yellow moon that filled the sky for over three minutes.

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