Friday, June 19, 2015

Botanical Gardens Photo Exhibit.

Raphaela is normally not competitive about much of anything, she goes at her own pace and remains mostly unaffected by peer pressure; at least at the moment, at age "almost six."

On Pessach we went to the Botanical Gardens and they were sponsoring a children's photo contest.  Raphaela, quite excited to join in, was quite disappointed when she was told that "children" is defined as age 11-18, for the purposes of this particular competition.  After speaking to the woman in charge, she agreed to allow Raphaela to participate, if only for Raphaela to feel considered, with no guarantees past that.

Well, yesterday I received an email from the Botanical Gardens that Raphaela is a finalist in the competition, and that she and I are cordially invited this coming Friday to a reception and showing of the various photographic works of art;  after which there will be an awards ceremony.  I have no idea if Raphaela will qualify for a specific award, and as they say, "it's an honor just to be nominated."

As well, Raphaela's photo will be displayed in London, England, at the school that is paired with the Botanical Gardens for this event.

The photograph accurately describes Raphaela's world view, in that she is very detail-specific and almost egotistical (in a positive way), because she gets 100% attention from me and has all the attributes of a classic first born/only child.

When I told Raphaela that her art would be displayed and that we would be attending this reception next week, she said, "I hope I get a prize, like one of those jumping frogs." (The tiny plastic toys that cost all of $.05 to manufacture in China. A cheesy little toy that she gets when she goes to the dentist.)

Ah to be young again, and have the most simple and beautiful dreams.

Needless to say, I couldn't be any more proud.  After all, isn't it my job to help her fulfill her potential, whatever that may be?

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Billy said...

Wow, she must be an amazing photographer to be nominated for a prize even through she is much younger! Kol Ha'Kavod!

P.S - do we not get to see her photograph? :-)