Monday, October 27, 2014

The Raphaela Book Club

Green Eggs and Ham (Dr. Seuss)

Summary:  after an odd home invasion by Sam I Am, Mr. Hat runs to the end of the Earth to avoid a new culinary experience.  After surviving a car/plane/boat crash, he decides that he should not have had an objection to the odd colored protein offerings of Sam I Am.

"Mommy, why doesn't he want to eat it?"
"Because he is afraid of trying new things.  You don't get very far in life if you never take risks."
"If I eat green eggs and ham, will I get a sticker?"
"Well, yes and no, you see ham isn't kosher because it's made of pig."
"But I can eat the eggs, right?"
"Yes, eggs are kosher, so are giraffes.  Though I am not sure what makes the eggs green.  I am not sure that green eggs are healthy for us."
"Mommy, I wouldn't want to eat giraffes, they are our friends."

Good Night, Good Knight (Shelley Moore Thomas)

Summary:  starring three small dragons, left alone in their dark cave in the middle of the forest.  They summon a good Knight from the neighboring castle to put them to sleep, as the Knight resists the urge to slay them with his sword.  Not because they are dragons, but because they will not go to sleep, damnit!

"Mommy, where are the Mommy and Daddy of the dragons?"
"I don't know, maybe they went out for date night and left the oldest brother in charge."
"But did the Mommy and Daddy plan on coming home and tucking their children into bed?"
"If you are asking if these children are all alone, I don't think so.  See, they each have clean jammies, toys and all the pictures on the wall of their deep dark cave in the middle of the forest are happy drawings.  It would seem to indicate that they lead a safe and joyful dragon life."
"When are the Mommy and the Daddy going to come home already?"
"When the dragons are already sleeping.  Don't worry, the Good Knight will tuck them in, and read them stories, and get them a drink of water, and sing them lullabies."

"Look Mommy, the Good Knight was so tired after taking care of the three baby dragons that he fell asleep in his chain mail and his special Knight's helmet."

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