Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Now We are Five

Before Yom Kippur, my allergies stood at a low almost negligible status, but then the 25 hour fast changed all that.  I woke up the morning afterwards feeling beyond lousy, and with barely a voice, a problem given that I had three straight days of work before all shuts down again for the next great holiday of Succot.

Raphaela has on the one hand been totally sympathetic, asking me how I am feeling and informing any stranger on the street or in the store that her "Mommy has a sore throat and terrible allergies."

On the other hand, she takes it personally if I do not give her lengthy answers to her questions, or if I find it difficult to read her bed time stories because it hurts my throat.  She has taken my temporary silence mode personally, proving her five year old logic that Mommies don't get to be sick, ever.

When I do cough, Raphaela uses a phrase that she 'invented'' specifically for the occasion:  "Cough Ghezunt, Mommy."

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