Thursday, October 2, 2014

Birth Day!

6:15 am

Raphaela:  Mommy, am I five years old yet?
Mommy:  Yes you are.
Raphaela:  Wow, when I went to sleep last night I was only four, and now I am five!
(Notices that entire house is decorated in Disney Princess and Dora birthday theme)
Raphaela: What a beautiful job the princesses and Dora did while I was sleeping, I will have to write them a thank you note.
Mommy:  (grumbling under my breath)  Someday, my dear, we are going to have serious discussion about the identity of the Tooth Fairy.

7:00 am

Raphaela: Mommy, may I have a special birthday breakfast today?
Mommy:  Does Cheerios with milk count as special?
Raphaela:  (look of death)
Mommy:  How about Cheerios with CHOCOLATE MILK?
Raphaela:  Hooray!

7:30 am

Raphaela:  Mommy, I want to give tzedakah [Hebrew for charity] today in school.
Mommy:  Wonderful idea!
Raphaela:  Can you give me five coins, because now I am five years old?

1:30 pm

After a morning of working, the preparation of the cupcake platter for Raphaela's mini-birthday party at her English group.
3 pm
Party time!

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Batya Medad said...

Mazaltov to both of you!!