Thursday, May 15, 2014

To the Bat Phone!

Tonight, while quietly eating our dinner, my cell phone rang, and the Caller ID read, "Gan," so of course I immediately became nervous.  After assuring me that there was no reason for concern, the Head Teacher asked if Raphaela would "mind" being a last minute sub tomorrow as the Ima shel Shabbat.*  (Apparently, the designated girl will be unable to perform her duties...) 

Raphaela of course jumped at the opportunity, she would be the Ima shel Shabbat every week if the rules allowed it!  After profusely thanking her teacher, Raphaela hung up the phone, grinning from ear to ear.

Then her face slowly transformed, and Raphaela covered her eyes with her hand; I asked Raphaela if she was alright.

Raphaela:  I am trying to cry.
Mommy:  Do you NOT want to be Ima shel Shabbat?
Raphaela:  I can't wait for tomorrow, I am so happy!
Mommy:  So why do you want to cry?
Raphaela:  Tears of joy, Mommy, tears of joy.

With less than two months worth of Fridays remaining before the end of the school year, Raphaela feels lucky to be one of the Chosen.

* Ima shel Shabbat, literally translated from the Hebrew as the "Shabbat Mother," the girl who gets to wear the special puffy dress and white head covering, light the candles and hand out snacks to the rest of the class during Shabbat party at the end of each week.

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