Saturday, May 24, 2014

Deep Mysteries of the Universe

Today during Shabbat lunch, I dared to eat one slice from the plate of cucumbers I had cut for Raphaela, resulting in great sadness and umbrage, which we talked out ("There's nothing wrong with sharing!") and resolved.

Or so I thought.

Many hours later, while tucking in Raphaela for the evening, she asked me, "What does the soul do?" I explained that the soul lives inside our body and gives us ideas, thoughts, hopes and dreams, and defines the truest sense of being Alive.  I added that the soul is a divine spiritual spark inside us, so even when our bodies get sick and old, our soul will never die.

Then ensued a discussion about feelings and the normal day-to-day events, and I reminded Raphaela that every day can be filled with good or bad, and that the icky stuff that happens can teach us something and make us stronger.

"Like, for example, " said Raphaela, "when SOMEONE eats my cucumber it makes my soul feel very sad and hurts my feelings..."

"Are you back on this vegetable thing?" I exclaimed, and the two of us burst into laughter.

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