Friday, May 2, 2014

Israeli Cuisine

Today in Gan, Raphaela and her classmates celebrated Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel's 66th birthday and  Independence Day.  Dressed in a beautiful white dress, my daughter had the honor of presenting their special guest, Saba Ezra, with flowers;  Saba Ezra told the children stories about his aliyah from Iraq and from the early period of settlement in the State of Israel.  (He also happens to be the father of one of Raphaela's nursery teachers.) 

On the way home, I asked Raphaela what she had eaten at the party.

RR:  We had delicious falafel!
Mom:  Did you have falafel balls inside the pita bread?
RR:  No.
Mom:  Did you have cucumbers and tomatoes inside?
RR: No.
Mom: Did you have chumus or techina?
RR:  No.
Mom:  Did you taste any pickles?
RR:  No, it's too charif [sharp, in Hebrew], I don't like it.
Mom:  So you had a falafel consisting of a plain pita pocket.
RR:  Yes, and I loved it!


Rachel Selby said...

DD loved this story - she thought it was very funny. DD had half a felafel ball, some plain pitta and chips at gan today.

Batya said...

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