Friday, April 4, 2014

The Chametz Conundrum

Yesterday we ran out of breakfast cereal, and I debated whether it was worthwhile to buy a whole new box (they only come in extra-large in this family-friendly country) that would or would not be eaten in the next week.  I gave in, bought the super-sized box and figured that worse case scenario, the birds will have a corn flakes feast.

Last night Raphaela refused to eat her dinner of breaded chicken and French fries. I explained to her that it was a "mitzvah" [a positive commandment, in Hebrew] before Pessach to finish up all the Chametz in the house, and that God would be quite pleased if she ate her dinner.  I added in some ketchup for extra incentive, and she cleaned her plate.

This morning as Raphaela was getting dressed fot Gan, she reminded me that today they would be celebrating the Seder in school, and that I was not to send any snacks that contained Chametz.  I told her that it was only a pretend Seder, that the actual holiday (thank God!) didn't start for another ten days.  She answered, "I know..." with a presumed "Duh" at the end of that sentence.

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