Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pessach Police

"Mommy," Raphaela informed me very seriously yesterday afternoon, "almost everything that you put in my lunch box for school is Chametz."*

"Pita? Chametz!  Waffles? Chametz! Croutons? Chametz!"

"When have I given you croutons for lunch?"

"Never mind, Mommy.  Fruit Bars? Chametz!"she continued, "even the Cheerios that we eat for breakfast is Chametz."

"This is serious indeed," I answered.

"So Mommy," Raphaela concluded, "you have to remember not to send any of those things in my lunch box during Pessach."

"Good thing you don't have Gan during Pessach," I smiled, "because you would have very little to eat."


Chametz = leavened food, and forbidden for the week of the holiday.

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