Sunday, October 27, 2013

Such Sweet Sorrow

My parents have been visiting us from Boston for the past two weeks.  Raphaela has gotten very used to the idea that she will see them every day after Gan, and that we will eat dinner together as a family.

Just now, Raphaela and I helped my parents with their suitcases and saw them off to their flight.  The mood was festive and playful, and even though we adults had attempted to explain to Raphaela that she would now have to talk with her grandparents on the computer rather than at their "house" in Jerusalem, I don't believe that she understood the implications of their leaving.

I am thrilled that my parents and my daughter became so close, and I hope that we can maintain that connection even with the geographical distance between us.

It is so important to know that you have family that loves you, and I wish for Raphaela the same relationship I treasured with my own grandparents.

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Midlife Singlemum said...

Sounds like a lovely visit. I'm glad you all enjoyed it. xxx