Thursday, October 10, 2013

Point Taken

Ever since our trip to the United States last year for Thanksgiving, Raphaela inevitably ends up in my bed at some point during the night.  Sleeping with her is like sleeping with a washing machine.

Last night she chose to sleep in her own bed, and I did a little victory dance in my head.  Around midnight, I heard a thump, and then a sweet little "Ow!" and then the beginning of crying. I went into her room and she had rolled off her bed and found herself on the floor.

I picked her up and hugged her, and she said to me, "And THAT is why I like sleeping in your bed better."  Then she took a stuffed animal, walked into my room and settled in, falling back asleep almost immediately.


tesyaa said...

After she falls asleep in my bed, I'd surreptitiously go and sleep in her bed. With 6 kids, I have used this tactic on more than one occasion.

Liked the washing machine analogy.

Midlife Singlemum said...

Brilliant Tesyaa, I never thought of that. I just sleep with the washing machine like JSMC.