Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sometimes I forget that Raphaela is only four years old - Hebrew birthday next week - and that she has not grown up in a predominantly English speaking environment.

This morning she wanted to take half her toys and little chachkies to Gan, and I told her that she could choose a small selection of items, but that she was responsible for them, that if they got lost it was "on her head."

(I am particularly frustrated because since the beginning of Gan last week, I have sent her to school with Summer hats and all sorts of more important things that have simply disappeared without a trace.)

She looked at me, puzzled at the phrase, and started a monologue that had me laughing hysterically:  "On my head?  There isn't enough room on my head for all these toys and why would I put it there anyway? That makes about as much sense as saying 'on my foot'!  On my head? What does that mean, Mommy?"

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