Saturday, September 7, 2013

All I Needed to Know...

I learned from my child, and the Beatles

On Wednesday evening, as Raphaela and I were lighting candles for Rosh HaShanah, I explained to her that she would be receiving a extra-special blessing from me, and that this was a time that we could talk to Hashem [G-d] and ask for all sorts of things for the new year.

We adults, when we approach the task of Rosh HaShanah, come with an abnormally long laundry list.  We pray for the health and happiness of our family and friends, we hope for success in the professional realm and can already spend the money we will make on a series of material objectives.  As each year passes, human beings realize that there is more occurring around us that we cannot control, though we would like to, and it is hard to watch certain dreams slip away.

Here in Israel, we hope and pray that international politics do not make us open our gas mask kits, or force our children to have to run to bomb shelters in the middle of the school day.

An hour or so passed after my conversation with my daughter, and she became suddenly quiet.  When I asked her if anything was wrong, she replied, "I am thinking."

"About what?"  I asked.
"I am thinking about all the love Hashem will send my way this year."

It comes down to that, and it takes the unfiltered innocence of a little girl to see Truth.

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CE said...

that is so sweet! Shanah Tovah!