Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Birthday Priorities

With Raphaela counting down the hours until her Hebrew birthday tomorrow, she asked me this morning when we would be making a birthday party at Gan. I explained to her that because all the school are currently on vacation, I would not arrange it with her teacher and with her English Camp  until after this series of Jewish holidays. I added that my parents, her grandparents, were due to visit in less than a month, and that I wanted to wait for them to arrive in Israel, so they could share in the fun of the event.

Raphaela looked at me very seriously and said, "But I get a present tomorrow, right?"

[For the record, I have bought her what my friend laughingly calls a "Mommy present," a set of educational playing cards whose devious plan is to teach reading and early math.  My daughter has already begun to read and loves books, and the cards feature some of her favorite fictional characters, so I know she will love it.]

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