Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lazy Days of Summer

With the routine of Gan behind us and camp beginning tomorrow, I have begun to feel more relaxed, even though my day-to-day work schedule has not changed all that dramatically;  as well unfortunately, at the moment there is no real vacation - small or otherwise - destined for me and Raphaela before the end of the Summer, so I will take what serenity I can get.

As a consequence, I have become less diligent about a strict schedule meal times and bed times, and Raphaela stays awake later than usual.  This evening, I allowed her to go to sleep after watching a relatively less scary re-run of a Doctor Who episode, the show in which River Song regenerates and Hitler is locked in a pantry.  (Isn't science fiction wonderful?)  Raphaela seemed particularly moved and impressed by the burst of regenerative energy, and then showed me a scratch she had received at some point today while playing outside.  My daughter suggested that I use special healing energy to fix her small wound.

Since I use certain energy treatments with my clients in the Chiropractic clinic, I gave Raphaela the quickie toddler course on Reiki and Meditation, instructing her to place her hands together, breathe deeply and imagine the energy of the sun and stars.  She was able to grasp the basic concepts, and when I put my hands next to hers, I asked her what this energy felt like.

She answered, "It feels like Love and strawberries."

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