Sunday, August 11, 2013

Emergency Polio Vaccinations, Israel

The physical discomfort began yesterday afternoon, when one particular client told me a wonderful (NOT) story about how her child brought home L-I-C-E from summer camp and how the whole family got infested.  And how even after several treatments they are still finding critters in their hair.

Just great, now I find myself itchy (psychosomatic) all time.

Then the shrieking regarding the potential polio threat in Israel ramped it up a notch, with the Ministry of Health announcing that based upon recommendations from the WHO, the live polio vaccine will now be imposed upon all children under the age of nine, and not simply those who live in the south of the country.  Apparently the polio was brought into the country via the Egyptian smuggling route, from those who seem to spend time around sewers, and almost 50% of the population in the south of Israel have already received the vaccine.  Though no actual cases of polio have yet to be reported, we are on high alert.

As a Chiropractor, I have certain opinions about the efficacy and safety of vaccines, which I will not share or reveal at this time.  As a mother of my child, my greatest treasure, I find myself conflicted between the reports that state that the live vaccine increases the chance of an outbreak vs. those who claim that there are no real serious side effects.  There are even some who cite the conspiracy behind the vaccine and prescription meds industry;  they speak about "herd immunity" and claim that because most adults and children in the country have already been inoculated with the synthetic polio vaccine, this movement is merely a precaution.

I did not sleep well at all last night, partially because I must make this decision quickly, and as there is no other concerned parent in the picture, I must take full responsibility for the choice.  Having consulted with some of my friends and colleagues in the medical field, both conventional and complementary, I remain more confused and more fearful than ever.


rahel said...

Hi- I was just looking for more information about the polio vaccine and stumbled over your blog. I am confused too and don't know what decission to make. So far no one here got a vaccination- but I guess it won't take long before the campain will reach us too. Shall I take the risk of the vaccine with possible side effects or even vaccine-caused outbreak of polio or shall I not and risk to be a carrier of polio and get others in danger? I really don't know- and I find it hard to get any independant information...

Doc said...

From what I have heard from representatives of the Ministry of Health, we are meant to vaccinate our children for the Greater Good of Israel as a whole, to provide coverage as a precautionary measure. At the same time, a lot of information has been withheld regarding the side effects, for those kids who get the live (weakened) polio vaccine and how it may be passed on to other more vulnerable family members. I am still undecided, and less convinced when I saw a so-called expert on Israeli TV say last night, regarding parents who have yet to comply, that we are "sad, misguided, selfish bastards."

vaccine.explorer said...

CDC is not a reliable source for vaccine information. CDC is the primary marketer of vaccines in the US (and arugably - the world).

The bOPV vaccine given in Israel was never tested in a clinical trial for safety or efficacy. When asked about it the moH lied blatantly, pointing ato a trial done in India on a different vaccine (made by an Indian company - not GSK, the maker of the vaccine given in Israel).

Scott Cravey said...

Vaccines can get incredibly tough. Then again, what good solutions aren't? We ought to examine the drugs, but seriously, we ought to act on that contingency immediately. And always with proper medical supervision.