Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Vacation II

With our planned play date at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens canceled at the last minute, I needed to find a stimulating activity for Raphaela this afternoon.  After reading one of our favorite books about musical instruments, Raphaela and I turned every possible item in our kitchen and the rest of the house into an orchestra. 

Pots and pans and boxes and jars joined the few instruments we have in our music box, and I wish I had filmed the result.  Both of us started banging and shaking our makeshift instruments, singing and dancing, in between the deep-throated laughter that comes with connecting to something primal and joyous.

I have always known that my daughter exhibits huge potential in the area of music, though I can't particularly attest to our rhythm or harmony today.  Luckily, the closest neighbors downstairs left Jerusalem on vacation this morning.

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