Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Close Encounters

For my normal weekly grocery shop I drive to the Industrial Area in Talpiyot (Jerusalem), because it is cheaper overall.  But yesterday we found ourselves at the local overpriced supermarket, picking up a few random food stuffs.  As Raphaela and I canvased the aisles, we encountered her former (negligent ) Nursery Teacher from the Montessori Gan.

The woman broke out in a smile, hugged Raphaela and babbled for about five minutes, "Oh my, how much you've grown, it's amazing! Are you still taking swimming lessons? Do you like this supermarket?" Etc.  Then she extended an odd invitation for Raphaela to come visit her old Gan anytime she likes, that they all miss her so much and would be happy to see the new and improved IE talkative/happier/thriving version of my daughter.

("S" in obvious denial of our negative experience by her hands...)

Raphaela retreated, hugged my leg and quietly asked me, "Who is this woman?"

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tesyaa said...

You will find that kids tend to forget even loving, non-negligent nursery teachers. A couple of years (or even a couple of months) after leaving their care, they often have no clue.