Wednesday, March 13, 2013



It's a deliciously evil word, one which I use sparingly because of its negative connotations.  But it jumped into my head today, when I heard that the Montessori Gan Raphaela attended in Jerusalem for two years (one year too many) will be closing after this school year, as a result of horrific management and an abysmal business model.  The Gan that belittled and manipulated me as a parent, the Gan that treated my daughter like an invalid, they will no longer to be able to harm other children under their care.  They cannot get staff people to work for them, and they cannot get parents to sign up and pay their exorbitant and undeserved fees.

I'd better stop before I start really enjoying myself. I can only hope that the Head Nursery Teacher, whose personal responsibility it is for the failure of her program, learns something from this.

Karma, yeah, that's another word that popped into my head today.

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