Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Plague on Your House

Raphaela has started learning about Pessach in school, the classic songs and of course the story of the ten plagues and the Exodus from Egypt.  Already a champion of the imagination, the particular plague of "boils" has captured her interest, and in fact, has caused a certain level of anxiety.

Raphaela has become very concerned that she will be punished with boils.  (As a mother in the Israeli school system, I am much more afraid of lice actually...)

I explained to my daughter that the people who hurt the Israelite slaves in Egypt suffered from the plagues, and that we can feel safe.  My assurances didn't stop Raphaela from waking me up in the middle of the night, asking me about the "bad people and the boils."

This morning her mood shifted, and Mr. Nice Boils has joined her menagerie of imaginary friends.  Mr. Nice Boils does not make anyone itchy.  I admire the sentiment, making a friend of your enemy and conquering your fears;  perhaps Raphaela has a future in diplomacy.

Regardless of her new attitude toward the dreaded plague, I told her nursery teachers the story as well, just in case the topic came up during the course of the day.  Her teacher reminded me that Raphaela's creativity is an amazing blessing, and then laughed, saying, "By the time we get to the splitting of the Sea, the boils will be forgotten."

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