Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Take Your Kid to Work Conference

It's flu season indeed.  Two weeks ago Raphaela was home for two days with a minor version of the virus, that weekend I suffered beyond anything I could have imagined with a full-blown version.  But I thought we were past this particular plague, until Raphaela was sent home today from Gan with an eye infection.  No fever, just junky eyes, which I know is quite contagious the first day.

Now she is on anti-biotics and will be staying home tomorrow, or not....I have a Chiropractic conference in Herzeliya and I intend on attending, even if I have to take my daughter with me to work, so to speak.  I will be making a presentation which I have planned for weeks, there will be food and I will bring activities to keep her busy. 

We will probably leave earlier than I had planned, but quite frankly I have had enough of the Universe screwing with my plans.

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