Monday, February 25, 2013

Purim Day 2013

Taking advantage of the amazing weather, Raphaela and I went to the zoo today before our official Purim festivities.  I wore my Superman cape, and after flying around a bit, Raphaela exclaimed in admiration, "Mommy, you are so Super!"

Only in Israel can a grown-up go to the zoo in costume, and fit right in with all the other adults and children, all dressed up in honor of the day and proud to show off their Purim identities in public.

Though continuing to refuse to wear any sort of costume, Raphaela quite enjoyed seeing the animals, especially because she has developed a crush on Diego, and she aspires to be an Animal Rescuer some day.

Later, at the Purim Feast I have attended at the same family for the last 16 years, the host pulled me aside and said, "Motherhood has done wonderful things for you, I can see your inner joy on your face."

We will both sleep very well tonight, both of us exhausted from the day, and as I said to Raphaela, "Even Superman has to rest sometimes."

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