Monday, February 25, 2013

My Little Actress

After a vacation day, and especially after the fun of Purim, Raphaela had other ideas than mine regarding her attendance at Gan.  She woke up at 6 am, looked at me, flopped on her stomach and said, "Mommy, I want to go back to sleep."  When that plan didn't work, we had the following conversation:

Raphaela:  I must stay home today, I am so sick.
Mommy:  Let me take your temperature... (digital thermometer)  36.5, you are perfectly healthy.
Raphaela:  I think you should take my temperature again, just to be sure.
Mommy:  (digital thermometer) 36.5, you are not sick, hooray!  We are going to Gan.
Raphaela:  But I need the strawberry medicine! [Acamoli, children's aspirin]
Mommy:  You only get Acamoli when you have fever, and you don't have fever, and you are not sick.
Raphaela:  (Pauses, you can see the wheels turning inside her head) COUGH COUGH!  That's a terrible cough!  You don't like it when I cough, I need to stay home.

Needless to say, Raphaela realized that her expert acting skills would not convince me, and she agreed to get dressed and go to Gan.  No matter, she has another vacation day this Friday for the Jerusalem Marathon, an event which will close half the streets in the city and most of my area.  One which I will observe this year, and hopefully participate next year.

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