Saturday, September 3, 2011

Parents Unite

One of the new hires, the woman who rubbed me the wrong way at the parents meeting last week, has apparently made the same unimpressive impression upon many of the other parents in the Gan.  I have had several conversations with mothers and fathers who feel similarly:  this woman has a perpetual look of confusion bordering on pain, she takes no initiative and literally stands in the corner shaking, waiting for instructions.

It does not take brains to realize that if you don't know what to do with a child, a smile and a hug works really well.  For a person who supposedly worked at other nurseries, she has trouble remembering names and protocol, and cannot muster a smile for children who pick up on every nuance of behaviour.

We have generally agreed that we need to give her a chance to settle into the Gan and become more comfortable with the children, but if the situation remains essentially unchanged by the end of this week, I will say something to the head nursery teacher who hired her.

At the moment, I would not trust the well being and happiness of Raphaela to this woman.

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