Thursday, September 8, 2011

Only in Israel, The Flip Side

The new neighbors on my small street are so used to me, and my car when I lived on the other side of the road, that at least one of them did not read the concise and polite note I left in Hebrew in the mailboxes of the building.  It read:  "Allow me to introduce myself, I will be moving into this building in the beginning of September.  I understand from my land lord that the second parking space to the left belongs to my living space, and I will try my very best to park in an accurate and considerate manner.  Please feel free to contact me, should you have any questions."

I have been parking in the new building's lot for the last three days.  Today I found an anonymous note on the windshield of my car, along with a few scratches that had not been there before.  It read:  "You have such gaul.  How dare you park in the lot of our building when you have a private parking spot across the street where you live.  You are one of the most obnoxious people I have ever seen."

If I weren't so exhausted from the move, I might have entered into anxiety and panic.  Instead, I took a red marker, drew a map of the parking lot and indicated my parking space, and wrote the following:  "The car, whose license plate is *** now lives in this building, along with it's owner.  Thank you.  PS I am in fact not obnoxious." I posted the letter near the mailboxes, so any resident would see it immediately upon entering the building.

I am sure this man or woman did not mean to think the worst of me, or key my car, and I know that I have not violated anyone's parking space, so I hope that my calm response to the situation solves the problem.  As well, perhaps the man or woman who performed these anonymous actions should seen professional help for anger management.

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