Friday, December 17, 2010

Woman Plans, G-d Laughs

FRIDAY 17/12/10
What was supposed to happen:
Raphaela sleeps well, in her own bed
8:30 am Special session of photographs, rescheduled from Tuesday (Sick Day, RR)
9:15 am Drop Raphaela off at Gan
10-12 See Chiropractic patients
12 Pick up Raphaela from Gan
1:00 pm Facial, rescheduled from Tuesday (Sick Day, RR)
2:15 pm Drop off package at cousin's house
4:00 pm  Bring in Shabbat

What actually happened:
Raphaela does not sleep well, all night, in my bed
7:45 am  Raphaela eats breakfast
8:30 am  Special session of photographs
9:00 am  Arrive at Gan, Raphaela has fallen asleep in the car
9:10 am  Raphaela throws up this morning's breakfast, and part of last night's dinner (very graphic!)
9:30 am  After some debate, Raphaela and I leave Gan and return home, whereupon she falls asleep in bed
10 am     Cancel patients, wait to see if she will be happy enough to allow me to get a facial later
9:30-12   Raphaela in and out of sleep, with intermittent periods of dramatic moaning and nursing.  Indefinitely cancel facial appointment.
2:15 pm   Drop off package at cousin's house (quick visit!)
4:00 pm  Bring in Shabbat, hopefully with my sanity intact

For me, pushing aside my own needs again and again has been perhaps the hardest aspect of the experience of this week.  I don't mind at all taking care of Raphaela, but I also need to start taking care of myself, and this week has denied me that opportunity.  I can only pray (for so many reasons) that Raphaela get well over the weekend and is able to go to Gan continuously and regularly next week.


Sophie said...

Just spent the past 2hrs reading your blog, its poignant and touching almost painfully honest. Its ironic that your last post includes anecdotes of 'a day in the life' of a mummy with a sick child. Precisely my motivation this evening for my google search for other jewish single mothers. My daughter is also sick on her 13th ear infection for this calendar year (I think shes squeezing them in an attempt to break a world record before 31/12/10).
Anyway, I have enjoyed reading your blog tremendously. It is comforting to know there are other on there own trying to do the very best for their child in often challenging circumstances.
Thank you for providing the much needed camaraderie (virtual or not) I was looking for. Wish your daughter a speedy recovery, and hoping you can get some rest interim....

Doc said...

@Sophie, my aunt always says that worst time for any mother (married or otherwise) is when their child is sick. I have a client who has two small children and a husband, and she told me that she has worked five days out the last month, because her kids take turns being sick and having to stay home from nursery.
I am glad that my blog can give you some comfort, knowing that you are not alone. Let me know how I can help, virtually or otherwise.