Thursday, February 12, 2009

Transition to the Next Phase

I went to the hospital to say good bye and thank you to the staff at the Hadassah IVF/Women's Clinic. The deepest irony: the same doctor who told me I was not pregnant was the person who gave me my final consultation and walking papers, for transfer to my regular OB GYN.

You see, I am approximately eight weeks pregnant today.

The nurses and doctors and I all had a laugh about how they had already set up an official IVF program for me, "We all make mistakes, ha ha..." Thank goodness I avoided the mega hormones and surgeries and strains of egg super-stimulation and extraction. My favorite nurse (Chava) commented on all the ups and downs of the last few weeks, and said, "You know, you should write a book."

I saw my baby on ultra-sound, with a strong heartbeat and an umbilical cord, and shape that looks like the tiniest human. According to the books, my baby opens its eyes in the womb in the next few days.

Now, if I could only eat something, that would be fantastic. Right now the only things that I can keep down are mozarella cheese and cucumbers.

I must also decide which OB GYN will be doing follow up care for the next approximate seven months. I have a choice between a younger and more sympathetic doctor and a more pedantic one, both qualified in terms of years of experience.

Please G-d, watch over me and my fetus. Give him/her health, joy and a full life, from conception to ripe old age.


NotaGeek! said...

I've been reading all you updates, and it's great to hear that it's working out...

Good luck... I hope there will be a lot more good news to come.

Doc said...

Thank G-d it's working out for now, but I have seven months to go. And I am seriously hoping that the morning sickness - which is 24/7 for me - truly passes in one month, as has been promised. I can't wait to eat again.
Keep following this story, it has only begun...

alyssa said...

morning sickness is a good sign. i used to drink carnation instant b-fast. positive thoughts only!