Saturday, February 14, 2009

Reading Can Be Dangerous

Having spent all day today in bed with nausea, I had the occasion to read a book called, "The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy." Half humorous and half helpful, this book gives you the dirt on being pregnant, the kind of things your friends would tell you rather than your doctor.

Some of the content made me laugh, and some reminded me of all the concerns I have for myself, and for this child. Is the baby healthy? Will I be able to get through another month of nausea and vomiting? As a single mother, will I have the kind of support I will desperately need, according to the book? Will I ever have sex, with a man, after I give birth and my body is in a good place?

And mostly, will I have enough of a pain threshold to get through labour and delivery, and the apparent fatigue and mess that comes afterward?

I obviously want this, and yet am grateful to have another seven months to get used to the idea, and to pray.

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