Thursday, October 30, 2008

Surgical Instructions

Pre-Op Instructions

1. Wear glasses (rather than contact lenses) the day of the surgery.
2. Remove nail polish from fingers and toes
3. Arrive at hosptial fasting, at least six hours before the surgery.
4. Cancel patients for Thursday, and plan on resting through Saturday.
5. When packing, plan on waiting around for a while ie bring a good book, and don't bring anything truly valuable in the suitcase.

The Day Of Surgery

1. Arrive at hospital at 7:30 in the morning, surgery itself will be anywhere between nine and noon.
2. Don't take any medications or vitamins that morning.
3. I am allowed to brush my teeth however.
4. I will be under for approximately 20 minutes, and once I wake up, I may eat and drink if I feel like it. The infusion will stay in place as long as I need it.
5. After resting for 4-5 hours, I may go home, unless I am feeling unwell and want to sleep at Hadassah overnight, for more supervision. (And all that yummy hosptial food...)


1. There should not be pain after the surgery, but certainly spotting or bleeding anywhere from three to ten days.
2. For the next month, no sex and no using tampons.
3. Starting Sunday after several days of rest, I may return to my usual routine, including exercise, except for avoiding swimming as exercise for three weeks.
4. Two weeks after surgery, report for an ultra-sound.

Notes to self:
1. Don't forget to pack: heavy socks or slippers, a robe from home, a sweater or sweatshirt.
2. Get someone to bring me sushi once I wake up, I am not eating hospital food.
3. The night before, I must also set up the house to keep the cats inside, in case I end up sleeping overnight.
4. Give several people contact information for my family in the US, and a copy of my will. (Just in case...)

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