Sunday, October 12, 2008

One More Chance

Despite the nurse's optimism this morning, I knew that I was not pregnant, and took the blood tests to check the beta hCG levels, which were as expected, negative. After a long consultation with the doctor, here is the current plan:

1. October: break time, due to Jewish holidays. I get to use this opportunity to take all sorts of lovely and invasive tests in preparation for switching from IUI to IVF.
2. November: last chance for an IUI cycle, aided by hormones, after which we switch over to the IVF plan.

Upside? Less lines for blood tests.
Downside? Many more hormones and a procedure of egg collection that will need to put me under anesthesia, and will put me out of commission for two to three days afterward.

I am very much hoping it does not come to that.


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