Sunday, July 19, 2015

And the Winner is NOT

This morning I actually made Raphaela's lunch for camp, and she placed it inside her back pack.  In my rush to get her to camp on time, and to start my work day, we forgot the back pack in the car; I only realized it later, in the middle of my work day.

In a telepathic coincidence, at that same moment the camp called and said that Raphaela, - my girl who loves predictability and her food - was hysterical at the idea that I had broken protocol.

I immediately moved around some of my patients and rushed over to deliver her lunch and her back pack, in the 33 degree Celsius heat of Jerusalem.

I guess I am not getting the Mother of the Year award today.  When she is sitting on the shrink's couch 20 years from now, she will say, "There was that day that Mommy forgot my lunch..."


Nicole said...

I wouldn't have inconvenienced my patients to bring my daughter a backpack that she is old enough to be responsible for remembering herself. I think kids need to learn responsibility for their own things and that they can't count on a parent to reorganize their work schedule to rescue them.
In fact, my daughter left her lunchbox at home the other day - i saw it after a couple of hours and debated whether to take it to her (I was free and could have done it). But I decided that she needed to be responsible for her own things, and didn't take it to her. When she came home, I asked her if she was hungry because she forgot her lunchbox. She said that she was fine and her friends shared with her. And since then she has paid more attention to remembering to take it in the morning!

Doc said...

She's six, she remembered to take it into the car, and I was in a rush and pushed her out the door, and I made her leave her lunch and back pack in the car. I have to take some responsibility for that.