Thursday, July 9, 2015

Roll the Dice

When I was growing up, people quickly tired of playing board games with me that required dice, because I seemed to have magic hands.  Monopoly, backgammon etc, I was accused of fixing the dice with my super-powers, and haven't really played these games for years.

Today as a Chiropractor, my friends and many of my patients call me a "Good Witch," and I take it as a compliment.  Personally I believe that we are all capable of enhancing our intuition and our connection to the greater forces of nature, all it takes is practice, a serene mind-set and active listening.

I decided that Raphaela needed to learn strategy, as well as how to lose gracefully, because in life we do not win every single time.  In addition to her school supplies, I bought a Chess-Checkers-Backgammon set and we sat this afternoon and began to play.

While her sense of long-term strategy remains underdeveloped (perfectly normal for her age), Raphaela has apparently inherited my gift of the dice.  Perhaps there are other witchy powers that I have yet to reveal in my daughter; I will encourage her to tap into whatever natural gifts she has received.

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