Friday, March 20, 2015

Grandparents Party

The party in which I brought down the average age in the room significantly.  (Two other children besides Raphaela had non-grandparents sitting in the audience.)

The party in which I actually did feel out of place, and a bit resentful and jealous, feeling like both Raphaela and I are seriously missing the benefits of having grandparents near by. (But not enough to consider moving back to the United States.)

The party in which the following song was sung in Hebrew:  "A family is a mother and father, a grandmother and grandfather, sisters and brothers that fill the house.  Nothing less will do." (Not joking, I felt like I was attending a kindergarten in Stepford.)

The party in which the only saving grace was the bouquet of flowers Raphaela presented to me at the end of the event.  (At least I got some appreciation for doing the job of a mother and father, grandmother and grandfather, aunt and uncle, sister and brother, all wrapped in one tired package.)


Midlife Singlemum said...

Why did you go?

Doc said...

Because the Gannenet swore up and down that it wouldn't be an ode to the traditional family.

Midlife Singlemum said...

Trust your instincts next time. If you feel it's going to be too traditional then opt out. So far we've been lucky and both ganenot celebrated families in all shapes and forms. This year Yom Hamishpacha at school was cancelled because of the snow and hasn't been rescheduled yet.

Doc said...

I praise the good Lord that this Gannenet ignored Yom HaMishpacha...I really should have taken Raphaela to the beach instead of going to this party. It would have been healthier for both of us.