Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sister Worship

Last night, apropos of nothing in particular, Raphaela began a five minute long monologue, while lounging in the bath tub.

"Oh how I wish, " she said with longing, "Oh how I wish I could become my cousin N.  I love her hair and I love the way she wears a pony tail. I love the clothing that she wears and I love the games that she plays.  If only I could become her instead of being Raphaela, life would be grand."

I reminded my daughter that by trading identities, she would also lose me as a mother.  And that she would get three other siblings in the bargain, with whom she would have to share her space and her toys, and well, everything.

"Don't worry Mommy," she reassured me. "You would be allowed to play with us!"

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