Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Showering 101

When Raphaela was a baby and I needed to shower, as the only responsible adult in the house I had no choice but to strap her into a bouncy seat and bring her into the room with me.  As she became a toddler, she would often choose to be in the room with me and play while I took a shower, and I despaired of ever having that ten minutes or so of privacy and quiet time.

Then, for a while, Raphaela was quite content to eat breakfast or play or watch a video, and I felt that it was safe enough to leave her roaming the house while I could not supervise.

This morning, Raphaela decided that she wanted to learn the art and science of showering like an adult, and asked if she could observe my technique while I went through my morning ritual.  At first I didn't think she was serious, but she insisted.

The first order of business was Plumbing 101, a brief and yet detailed explanation of water pressure and pipes IE where does the water come from and where does it go.

Her comment on my hair mask:  "Is that the same mask you put on your face sometimes?

When I was lathered up she exclaimed, "You look like a cow!"  Ready to be insulted, she explained that my whole body was white from the bubbles, and my hair was still brown, and so...I looked like a cow.  Then ensued a deep discussion about the difference between a lufta sponge and other standard methods.

Eager to understand why I shave my legs, I was quick to point out that a razor is sharp and really only for adults who know how not to get cut.

As I washed off she became most enthusiastic and proclaimed with genuine admiration that I was "the champion at taking showers" and that she could not wait to be a Mommy so she could do the same.

Raphaela, so eager to grow up, and Mommy, who forgets that children see and hear everything, that we are role models even when we just want to wash our hair in peace.

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