Thursday, January 16, 2014

Magical Mystery Playdough

Recently at a play date, Raphaela and her friend were watching some videos on YouTube, and they sat there like zombies, totally transfixed by the content.  Curious as to what could possibly have that narcotic effect, I looked over their shoulder: a woman with a Spanish accent and sparkly nails was opening play dough activity packages and playing with the set.

That's right, she opens the box and says deep thoughts like, "I see that this set has four canisters of play dough, one red, one blue, one purple and one brown."  Then this mystery woman (you don't see her face ever) uses the set and explains the complexity of the project:  "You take a ball of play dough and press.  And you do the same thing with all the other pieces."  The videos last almost ten minutes each, and she has posted a whole series of them on YouTube.

I don't get it, and have come to the conclusion that (a) some people have way too much time on their hands and (b) if you play the video backwards it says, "Barney is Dead" or some other subliminal message.  Raphaela and her friends could watch these idiotic videos all day, so there must be something that my grown up mind is missing.

The other video that has captured Raphaela's imagination and hypnotized her is similar, a mysterious man with a German accent opening up those chocolate toy eggs and checking out which prizes hide inside.  Then he ranks them according to his scale of  coolness, with brilliant comments like, "This egg has a Disney Princess ring. I don't like it because it doesn't fit my hand so I am going to put it in the uncool pile."  Or, "This Angry Bird eraser can go on top of a pencil, like this, and now you will be cool in school."

I just want to know what he does with all that chocolate...

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myderech said...

My daughter is exactly the same, now demanding every day to watch "Disney Collector Here" and that German guy. There must be some mass hypnosis going on, I'm convinced of it. It even resulted in me buying the stupid princess play doh set because I was hearing about it so much.

Bravo, Disney. Bravo.