Monday, November 4, 2013

Recycling Crisis

This morning, as I stood in the kitchen preparing Raphaela's mid-day snack for school, I heard her cry out, "Mommy, there's been a terrible mistake!"

I found her standing over the recycling bag in our house, pulling out sheet after sheet of her drawings and scribblings, that had somehow (wink wink) ended up in the garbage and that someone (pointing finger at myself) had not yet had the opportunity to take to the recycling bin downstairs.

"How could this have happened?" she lamented.  "My drawing, my creations, we must rescue them."

There are days that Raphaela returns from Gan with pages of exercises they have done in the classroom that day, along with random pictures that she has drawn in her spare time.  I generally look through the group, save one or two that show uniqueness and emotion, and remove the rest.  Just yesterday, she presented me with an astounding drawing - for a four year old - of our family, with bobble head people and a bobble head cat, we all have a golden yellow halo around us.  With clouds and a sun in the sky and green grass below us, it's a keeper, and I am even planning on laminating it for posterity.

But not every project she brings home represents Great Art, and in the interest of maintaining some sense of order in the house, I thin the herd so to speak.

All this has improved my acting skills, when I put on my saddest most surprised face and say, "Oy!  How terrible!  We must fix this problem right now..."  (IE I must throw out the garbage while she is at Gan.)


Midlife Singlemum said...

I once saw a comment on facebook in which a father said that he smuggles out broken crayons to the bins like a Mexican drug lord. I know the feeling.

Sarah said...

Tip: Take pictures of her art. Takes up zero space but you still have a record of it.