Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Growing up in the States, I took water for granted; my parents house in Boston has a small forest, a lake and waterfall practically in their back yard.  Living in Israel these past 16 years, my attitude and awareness has shifted, because each citizen acutely feels the lack of water and regular rain fall, except for certain periods in the Winter.

This past week has already broken all sorts of rainfall records, and the Kinneret Lake which has suffered with various "Red Lines" in the last ten years stands at an all-time high.  My Chiropractic conference in Tel Aviv was canceled today, because of the flooding of the major Ayalon highway and the threat of country-wide snow. 

On the way to Gan this morning, Raphaela and I sat in the car for ten minutes, waiting for a break in the hail stones;  all educational institutions in Jerusalem will close today at noon, so everyone can get home and get tucked into a nice warm house.  My daughter can't wait to play in the snow with her new pink boots that we bought last week, just in time for the storm.

Even funnier, and somehow the game has become comforting to me, the Israeli radio stations have attuned their programs to the weather outside, and so most songs this morning contained the words "rain," "storm," and "snow."

The Israeli experience is by no means easy, but it is home, a wet and cold  and happy one at the moment.  Come join us and jump in the abundant puddles.

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