Thursday, April 19, 2012

On the way home from Gan yesterday, Raphaela and I walked through the Nayot Park near our house, where we saw two Israeli policemen on horseback.  Perhaps a regular sight in New York City, this was a special treat for both of us, and we went over to pet the horses, animals who seemed super-sized and genetically engineered to grow larger than an IDF tank. 

I forgot that Raphaela was holding a sandwich, and as she went to pet one of the horses (whose head alone was bigger than all of my child), the horse snapped up the sandwich and ate it. Then it did the most extraordinary thing:  the horse gave Raphaela a gentle kiss on her cheek, to thank her for the food.

My brave animal-loving daughter did not even flinch, and in fact spend the rest of the afternoon and evening begging me to take her back to see the horses. I am only sorry that I did not video tape the event.

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