Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Countdown to Purim

This morning, when I was ready to get into the shower, Raphaela insisted that we sing Purim songs and dance together.  The light and joy in her eyes could not be denied.

Raphaela dresses up tomorrow for her Gan party, and on Thursday we will celebrate and feast with Savta Shira in Tekoa.  As well, Harry's tenth birthday falls out on Thursday this year, and Raphaela insists that Harry needs a party; she has already sung him the traditional birthday songs, tried to put a crown on his head, and has invited several of her Gan friends to commemorate the momentous feline event.  Harry will receive an extra serving of T-U-N-A and lots of attention from a group of toddlers.  

On Friday we Jerusalemites celebrate Shushan Purim, which means that the afternoon feast will bleed into  Friday night dinner.  I plan on serving an extremely light Shabbat lunch, I don't think my stomach can handle all this gluttony.

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Amy Charles said...

You are a wonderful mom.