Monday, February 13, 2012

Un-learning Old Tricks

I have been suffering since Friday with a splitting headache and nausea, and quite frankly, I am not equipped to deal.  As the daughter of a Chiropractor, and as a Chiropractor myself, I have had two headaches my entire life, (no joke!) and have never stocked any over-the-counter medications in the house.

I spent much of the weekend taking care of Raphaela despite the shooting pain, but it made me tired, and today when I picked up Raphaela from Gan, several of the parents asked me, "Are you alright?"  Apparently, I am not looking my best at the moment  My doctor has suggested that my recent forray into training for the Jerusalem Marathon might have brought on these symptoms.

One of the parents became cross, and asked me why I hadn't reached out for help from other parents in the Gan, even to take Raphaela out of the house for a few hours, to play with other children who are not Mommy, the perpetual playmate.  Of course she is right, there is a world of resources that I have mostly forgotten, because I am so used to doing everything myself.  I must remember that requesting assistance is one of the most important life skills, that it will keep me sane and healthy for many years.


Amy Charles said...

You have a migraine, and there are medications called triptans that can help. Also, a 4-day splitting headache and nausea calls for a trip to the (medical) doctor, just in case there's something more serious than a headache going on. And you need to find a doctor who understands women's fitness. Training for a marathon does not give you a headache unless you're seriously dehydrated. (What training schedule are you using?)

And yes, ask for help. And migraine medication. Feel better.

Risa Tzohar said...

In raising children (even with 2 parents) a mother *must* learn to ask for and accept help graciously. Don't worry. You"ll have plenty of opportunity to reciprocate!