Monday, February 21, 2011

A Day in the Life

Yesterday afternoon, Raphaela and I visited a friend who had recently given birth to a new baby girl.  I forgot how small they start out, and quite enjoyed holding this week and a half year old baby, while Raphaela looked on with curiosity, for the most part.  When we got home, she became very clingy and kvetchy, and in fact fell asleep on my chest while I was reading to her;  she normally only wants me to rest with her when she is ill.

Remembering how much attention a newborn needs, and seeing Raphaela's reaction to only the briefest exposure to a smaller child, it made me reconsider my burning desire to create a sibling for Raphaela, at least for the moment.

The night was marked by lightning and thunder, rain and fierce winds, and we both went to sleep fairly early.  This morning there was a message on my land line from one of my clients, an active 90 year old woman who recently lost her 96 year old husband.  She lives nearby, and called because she was "concerned" for me and for Raphaela, that our apartment was not properly heated.  (She was, of course, absolutely correct;  the Co-op board has not turned on the heat all Winter)  She then invited the two of us to sleep over at her "nice warm apartment," should we be suffering here.

I have not experienced that level of spontaneous kindness in a long time, and I bless her for thinking of us.

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