Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fertility in the News

Haaretz reported today that Israeli women between the age of 30-41 will now have the option of freezing up to 20 of their unfertilized eggs in public hospitals, "in cases where they wish to postpone pregnancy for personal reasons."

When I considered this option several years ago, I was told by my gynecologist that the survival rate of the eggs was a mere 3%, and apparently due to advances in the technology the current success rate stands at 28-30%;  some hospitals even report a success rate of 32-35%.   According to the new guidelines, the eggs can be fertilized and implanted up to the age of 54.

All this for the cost of 5,900 new Israel shequel, with no word from the HMOs that they are willing to subsidize this service.

A part of me regrets that I have passed the age limit that would allow me to take advantage of this opportunity, and a part of me believes and hopes that if I am meant to have more children, with a husband, it will happen in any case.

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