Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Perfect De-Stressor

This afternoon, I went to pick up Raphaela from nursery.  Today was a short day, Raphaela finished at one pm instead of four, and I felt tense after having sat in traffic because of a car accident near the house.  I hate arriving late or making people wait.

I walked in, many of the children were sleeping, and Raphaela sat on the opposite side of the room, quietly playing with zoo animals.  She saw me and crawled over at lightning speed, smiling and laughing all the way.   Her nursery teachers and some of the other staff watched and the whole room brightened, the joy of moment was contagious.

I can't think of a better way to dissolve my stress and improve the rest of the day.   And I will admit that it makes me happy as a parent to see her so well adjusted in nursery, and yet so happy to see me when I arrive.


Jazzie Casas said...

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Doc said...

Jazzie, I am glad to have you on board. Anything I can do to make your job easier, please let me know!