Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy English Birthday

At 7:50 am this Saturday, October 2, marks the day that Raphaela officially becomes a one year old Toddler, according to both the Gregorian and Lunar calendars.

Thank G-d she has recovered from the one week of Hell that was Roseola Infantum, and has returned to herself in every way that I know her. Raphaela's appetite has returned as well, and at her swim lesson she went down the water slide by herself, swam under the water and emerged with a huge smile on her face. How I missed that personality, joy and energy for the one week that she was ill.

I find it comforting and wonderful that this year her English birthday falls on the same day as my grandmother's Yartzeit, the woman for whom Raphaela Rivka was named, the woman who made me feel so loved and so special, especially when the rest of my life seemed chaotic and scary at the time.

Happy birthday Raphaela, my angel and inspiration and joy.
Your Mommy loves you, inside and out.
Be who you are, and may you be blessed in all that you are, all the days of your very long life.

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Stephanie said...

Happy birthday sweet girl..!!!