Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Daughter the Local Celebrity

Apparently people are coming to shul just to meet Raphaela, and one woman came over to me yesterday and said that she had never seen a baby who was just so happy "to be." I have said it before, I believe she was born with wonderful energies and a Zen disposition, but I would like to think that I have some small part in maintaining that state of mind.

I experienced a bit of a high school reunion yesterday as well, with four of my classmates all in the Boston area and visiting their families with their children. What a relief it was for me to be a happy independent grown-up, to be on equal footing with people whose company I did not particularly enjoy when I was 17 years old. You could not pay me enough money to go back and do high school over again.

Today is my family's eighth day of Pessach, I have showered and once Raphaela wakes up from her morning nap, we are going to take a walk to the local pet store to play with the new kittens, as we both miss Harry.

This morning I played nursery teacher will Raphaela and all my nieces and nephews, organizing play so that the parents and grandparents could sleep. After all, I woke up with the baby at five am, so I might as well entertain the masses.

On the way home from our walk, very much planning on getting a decent cup of coffee from Starbucks.

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Sarah said...

When are you heading back to Israel? I leave tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon from Cleveland and travel via Chicago and Zurich, arriving in Israel 3:30 am on Friday morning. How 'bout you?

If you'll be in Jlem for Shabbat, my roommate and I are making VERY simple Shabbat meals, but you and Raphaela are welcome, so you don't have to worry about cooking. Just let me know before Shabbat if you decide to come.