Friday, April 23, 2010


Raphaela sits very still, holding the toy at the tips of her fingers, waves the toy around a bit and then drops it. And laughs. Today she grabbed my eye glasses, dropped them on the floor and could not hold in the hysterical laughter.

Apparently physics is funny.

Speaking of gravity, I kind of let Raphaela fall on the floor today, because I hadn't strapped her into the stroller in time. Luckily, she was not that far off the ground and was wrapped in a heavy blanket because of the wind, and the blanket created a protective barrier. Even better, she was drowsy and so her body was relaxed, and the only real trauma was waking up from her nap.

Of course I felt terribly guilty, until I realized that she had escaped this parental snafu without a scratch, and without any change in her mood or behaviour.

Obviously now that she is so much more mobile - even if it's only to crawl backwards and get stuck under a piece of furniture - I must be vigilant in watching her and strapping her in immediately; and I must find the time to baby proof the house.

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